The Power of Coaching

Embracing Change

Life likes to throw us curveballs. And that can be a good thing. Because complex dilemmas and unexpected changes can teach us to break free from whatever is holding us back and open up to unimagined opportunities. That’s what AHUM can do for you. We coach leaders, teams and organisations in transition to achieve their best in any given context.

We can work it out

Change comes in many guises. Whether you are an executive moving to a new role, a corporation dealing with a merger, an entrepreneur looking to expand your business, an athlete or military officer facing early retirement, or a leader looking for a new challenge, AHUM can help you navigate the transition. Through a collaborative process of thoughtful questioning, active engagement, and strategic re-thinking, AHUM will take you to the next level.

The AHUM Thing

AHUM is named after an album by jazz legend Charles Mingus. A double bassist, composer and bandleader, Mingus was a master of collective improvisation. Attuned to the abilities, experiences, and personalities of every musician in his band, Mingus encouraged players to take risks, experiment and be audacious in their pursuit of brilliance. His compositions were radically reinterpreted with every performance – a tune emerging from what at first seems like orchestrated chaos.

Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.
Charles Mingus

Find your groove

Like jazz, AHUM coaching is about creative dialogue, collaborative improvisation, and pushing boundaries to encourage self-expression and innovation. Our systemic appreciative approach is about listening intently, making sure everyone is heard, and finding harmony even in discord. Through positive reframing and storytelling, we empower individuals and organisations to ‘find their groove’ – an infectious feeling of rightness in the rhythm, of being at one with a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

AHUM is a moment of epiphany – Ah! – and a pause for reflection and exploration – Um… A breakthrough and a breathing space. Time out to reach new insights and deeper understanding.