From stress and panic to crystalized ideas and confidence

Last year I experienced stress, panic and anxiety caused by my transition to a new job. I was very disappointed by the new role, I was questioning my career choices and contemplating to do something more creative. I felt I was in the middle of a crisis and I decided to get help from Kostis.

 As it was the first time in my life that I was doing coaching, I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. I thought it was an instant cure and that within 6 months it would lead me to a new career. However, I realized soon that this view was mistaken and that coaching was a rather slower and more mature process especially since I didn’t have yet any concrete plans or crystallized ideas as to what I wanted to do next.

 With each session, I got deeper to the root of the problem but I also realized many new things about myself. I clarified what my current skill set was and explored how to obtain new skills and set new targets with regard to possible future professional paths. I understood better that change was happening more organically and I had to give time to myself to think things through.

 Kostis’s method is to always focus on the positive and discuss the good things, successes and achievements that arise even from a stressful situation. Together we developed tools to help me tackle the transition woes. This approach definitely has a long-term beneficial effect. I know now that there are no sudden and out-of-the-blue solutions; change comes through patience, self-practice and deep thought. Although I am still at the same job, thanks to coaching I am more appreciative of the current setting, more patient to think carefully about the next step and more confident that change can indeed happen.


Kostis himself has been through various professional and life transitions; these have given him insight and experience which he uses to help others through professional coaching. He is a very warm and thoughtful person, caring and trustworthy. His great interpersonal and communication skills make the sessions enjoyable and valuable, a relief from life’s and work’s storms.