In search of new challenges

The Challenge

As a marketing director, I felt frustrated by the limitations of my role and the lack of scope to progress. So I quit my job and started looking for a more challenging position abroad. But I felt over-qualified but under-valued, and unsure about what career strategy to pursue.

The Objective

I needed a supportive framework to rethink my professional priorities. I wanted to raise my profile and sharpen my interview skills in order to land a fulfilling job with room to grow. The immediate objective was to convince headhunters and HR managers that my skills were transferrable and that I would be an asset to any organisation.

The Outcome

I feel much more confident that I can realise my goals while having a higher and much better awareness of my difference from my fellow marketers. I have tried to think-outside-the-box in terms of career options as I now realized that I can be something more than a marketing director. I have more confidence in not just pursuing my goals but actually expressing myself even against challenging conditions. People have already seen that I am competent and eloquent enough to articulate my goals and outline my competencies at work thanks to Kostis.

The Client’s Experience

Although initially I had some reservations about coaching, for me it was an epiphany. Coaching triggered leadership traits that were suppressed by routine and not having the time to appreciate my strengths. Kostis helped me to understand the importance of appreciating my own skills, abilities and values in my future interactions with employers.

In the murky phase in-between jobs, your previous job titles can create misleading assumptions about your next career step. Transitions need focus, stamina, and mental clarity. To perform well, you need a coach who will help you to hone your skills and be a better team player, so everyone’s a winner. The workplace would be totally different if all employees could have a coach like Kostis.

After coaching, I feel excited to present myself to the market, as I now know why I brought so much success to the various businesses where I have worked. I am looking forward to making new things happen.