The power of envisioning

“Envision where you want to go or you will just go where you are looking”

Working for 15years for the same employer, without the anticipated career development and appreciation, I felt undervalued, demoralized and weak. I didn’t know where I was going, which were my goals.

I needed help in getting out of the “professional” slump I felt I was into. Someone to show me the way to “reinvent” myself. I needed guidance to look back and re-evaluate my strengths, the lessons I have learned and then to stand up again, overcome my fears, my concerns and claim for my professional development by asking for a new role in the same company or by searching for a new job.

My coaching sessions with Kostis, made me stronger, more crystallized on my needs and wants. I remembered my values, how it feels believing in you and stopped arguing with myself. I felt free to dream and confident to reasonably ask what I want to get closer to my dreams. I found out where I want to go and how to focus on this direction.

The coaching process with Kostis feels so safe and smooth. And although everything may seem chaotic in the beginning, at the end all dots get connected and everything looks so simple and natural. It’s a unique relationship based on trust and respect. The quicker you trust the coach and the process the quicker you will reap the benefits of the work done together. Kostis is charismatic in what he does and has an amazingly broad range of knowledge. He digs inside you so discreetly that you will only realize it at the end. Following our sessions, Kostis is not just a coach for me but a mentor.

I am so thankful we have worked together. I have never felt more ready for my next career steps!