Transforming a dream into a concrete plan

The Challenge

I worked in social investment for many years, which was enjoyable, but I felt my job had reached a dead end.  At the same time I was becoming increasingly frustrated by our adversarial and divided society and felt keenly that I wanted to do something about it.  I dreamt of starting a new venture working in community mediation and dialogue.  Before I met Kostis, I put considerable time and effort into thinking about the vision and plan for my new venture.  I discussed it with many people, and had very enthusiastic and encouraging responses, but faced little challenge.  Even though I felt the idea had potential, I knew that my plans needed more robust testing.

The Objective

To move my plans on from a pipe dream to a reality and build up the self-confidence I would need to push it forward.

The Outcome

I now have a clear plan and am aware of what I need to achieve it, both in terms of external support and resources, but also, more importantly, in terms of my own attitude and approach.  I have now left my job and am focused solely on my new venture.

The client’s experience

First, Kostis took me back to the beginning, to test out the vision.  His gentle questioning allowed me to challenge my own thoughts.  This helped to tease out the essential elements, and, importantly, to make me appreciate what I could offer.  Later discussions guided me through what I would need in order to reach the end goal.  This was not a practical to do list on a piece of paper, but an imaginative exercise, to make the plans concrete in my mind.  Now I can not only describe, but can also feel, the end goal.  The plans are visceral.  My hazy dream, which had served me reasonably well in early discussions, is now sharper and more workable.  While there will doubtless be further challenges and shifts along the way, I am very clear about where I am headed.