Undress the past, redress the future! Excel to the next level!

ANAKTAE Exclusive Design 

Founders Dianna Karvounis & Vivian Philippa 


During our summer holidays in 2017, our thoughts were focused on the future of our company and our craft.

We had a successful business activity in design and architecture, but for us, the founders of the company, it was clear that in order to excel to the next level we had to expand the boundaries of the field we had traced the last 8 years, by doing something drastic.

This was a very important moment but at the same time it was very stressful to feel the urge for change without knowing the direction of the next step.

We asked for help from friends who have experience in business and that’s how we came across Kostis and AHUM Coaching.

In our first meeting, we didn’t really understand what exactly would follow but we had positive indications, very good recommendations and a very clear and straight forward communication with him, that prompted us to a leap of faith.

We had a number of intensive coaching sessions with him, during which we “undressed” our past and “redressed” our future.

As with psychoanalysis we cannot describe our experience precisely. We discovered valuable elements of our company’s identity that were in shadow. We managed to get connected with the core ingredients of our creative self that were unconscious and unexploited. We discovered a treasure that we carry with us to the next level, which we have started to experience already.

We can recommend Kostis and AHUM Coaching unreservedly to people who experience the agony of transition, who feel the thirst for evolution and are ready to live the enjoyment of the next step.